Mini Local-multiplayer game! We want 2 players here, Ask your friend to play it!

Here's the rule
Collect gem to gain the point! (1 gem for 1 point) But carefully, Only gem which has SAME COLOR as your suit will give a point. Otherwise, you will loss 1 point!

Keep looking at your gauge. It needs 3 gems to fulfill, but don't worry they do it automatically. When gauge is completely fulfill, you can fire your enemy for 1 shot. if they get shot, they will loss 5 points!

You have 120 sec before game is over. Who got more points is the winner!

BLU player's Controller

Up: Arrow key up
Down: Arrow key down
Left: Arrow key left
Right: Arrow key right
Fire: M

PNK player's Controller

Up: T
Down: G
Left: F
Right: H
Fire: A


If you find something unusual, please leave a comment.


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Blue shoots a  target ,scores  get reset but pink increase

goshhhh thanks! I'll find out the solution.